Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries Named The Eighth 62,000-ton Multi-purpose Pulp Ship

On July 15, 2020, the eighth 62,000-ton multi-purpose pulp ship built by Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries for COSCO Shipping Express was named and delivered. The ship was named "COSCO Shipping Pengcheng".

Zhou Junping, Secretary of the Working Committee of Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Wang Jianmin, Chief Shipping Officer of Port and Shipping of Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Chen Wei, Chairman, Secretary of the Party Committee, and General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Express, Zhang Hui, General Manager of China Classification Society Dalian Branch, Shanghai Zhou Zhiyong, vice president of Ship Research and Design Institute, Zhang Yan, deputy general manager of COSCO Shipping Shipping, Su Zhengdong, chairman of Tianjin Zhongsan Ship Management Co., Ltd., Liang Yanfeng, chairman and general manager of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, Zhao Zengshan, deputy general manager, Party Committee of Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Secretary Li Mingxin, members of the company's project team, shipowner's stationed factory and ship inspection stationed factory attended the naming delivery ceremony.

It is reported that the "COSCO Shipping Pengcheng" has a total length of 201.8 meters, a width of 32.26 meters, a depth of 19.3 meters, a structural draft of 13.3 meters, a speed of 13.5 knots, and an endurance of 22,000 nautical miles. A five-star red flag is hoisted into the China Classification Society.

The ship is equipped with 6 box-type cargo holds, 2-5 cabins are one hatch cover for each cabin, with good water tightness, suitable for pulp, and the cargo cabin is equipped with a dehumidification system to ensure the quality requirements during transportation. The deck is equipped with four 75T crane cranes, and the double crane can be lifted up to 150T to meet the requirements of loading super-long and heavy heavy equipment. It is suitable for high-speed rail trains, wind power equipment, large mechanical equipment, super-long and heavy steel pipe pile structure, etc.; The ship has a green license plate, and the main and auxiliary engines are equipped with an SCR system, which can neutralize the nitrogen oxides generated in the process of fuel oil discharge, which can meet the highest requirements of the international convention for preventing ship pollution.

During the construction period, the mooring period of the ship's wharf was 45 days and the trial time was 50 hours, both of which created the fastest record for the series of ships.

"COSCO Shipping Pengcheng" is the second ship registered in Yangpu Port of Hainan after the series of pulp ships "COSCO Shipping Prosperity" delivered by Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries.

On June 14, the "COSCO Shipping Prosperity" ship left the company's terminal to start its first voyage, and successfully loaded more than 1,600 tons of equipment at the Luojing Port in Shanghai to be put into operation on South American routes.