Crane Test Load Test Water Bag

Under the current circumstances, with regard to the further improvement of the safety and environmental protection concept, the engineering machinery crane load test water bag, the offshore drilling platform crane hoisting test, and the ship crane special lifting water bag series are a new product to fill the domestic gap. It is a new generation of products that are leading in the world in product design and function. First of all, it can be widely used in all kinds of lifting machinery, mainly for ocean-going vessels, oil rig cranes, port crane crane load test. Its market prospects and potential are enormous. Moreover, its extended products can be used for forest fire protection, road and bridge construction load test, lifeboat and other load bearing tests. This soft-body structure is distinguished from traditional solid weights. Its safety, convenience and low cost are irreplaceable.

First: the iron bar code or the weight block is bulky, and the transportation, operation and assembly are very troublesome, and the cost incurred is huge.

Second: when the iron smashing code or the weight is tested on the function or load of the hoisting machinery, if the hoist mechanical failure or other causes of the brake failure or due to the operator's operation error, the iron smashing code or the weight is suddenly The serious consequences of falling or colliding are unimaginable.

Third: Since the iron weight code or the weight is a standard unit of measurement, when the crane is loaded or unloaded, the measurement is inaccurate, and the load is reduced or decreased.

Fourth: Since the iron weight code or weight is made of iron or lead, it causes waste of metal resources or wastes the environment.

Fifth: Due to the large size of the iron weight or weight, the storage and transportation is very troublesome, taking up space and inconvenient management. Due to the shortcomings of the above-mentioned aspects of the iron bar code or the weight block, it is necessary to find a convenient, safe, environmentally friendly, low-cost, stable performance alternative product on these problems.

As key enterprises, especially offshore oil rigs, large ocean-going vessels, large crane equipment, load-bearing structures, etc., need to ensure safe operation, hoisting water bags and accessories can provide a comprehensive inspection solution. In the field of testing load body load, the hoisting water bag series and its derivatives are used.