Coating PVC Crand Load Test Water Bag

Load test water bag is made of high-strength PVC molecular coating material. The material is subjected to rigorous testing and testing. The size of the bag determines the volume and accessories (bottom connecting ring, shackle, strong ring, sling) and other professional appearances. Force design is a key lifting device that limits the rated load. In addition, a plurality of hoisting straps are interspersed around the bag body, and the spacing is beautifully designed, and the force is even.

The multi-function test water bag is a new multi-purpose test weight product. Compared with traditional weight-bearing products, such as excessive weight and inconvenient transportation, the new multi-functional test water bag has unique advantages. It is light in weight, small in size and convenient to transport. In addition, it is safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and consumption-reducing. It is a new type of test weight product that gradually replaces the traditional test method. Our water bags feature side drains that reduce the pressure on the bottom. Make it safer and more convenient when filling water. The applicability, economic newness, safety and wide application of water bags are used in many industries.


2, product features



The bag body is made of special cloth and can be folded during transportation, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the empty bag. In addition, the fabric is light in weight and strong in strength, making it easy to transport and transport. It is ten times smaller than the weight of traditional test heavy products.




The water bag is welded by a high-frequency machine, and the bag body is inserted with a high-strength fiber sling, so that the safety of the water bag lifting is fully guaranteed. The special treatment of the pressed joints ensures that the overall structure of the water bag is safe and firm. Each water bag has a minimum safety factor of 1:5, which guarantees a safety accident without being affected by the outside world in extreme environments.


 environmental protection


The water bag is made of special cloth welding, safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials, with low temperature resistance, seawater resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Suitable for ambient temperature of -50 ° C -80 ° C, suitable for cold, hot areas . It can store fresh water, gasoline and other liquids for a long time and use them as storage containers.


3 functions


The test weight test is the advantage of the water bag and can be used for crane hoisting test, deck strength test, drilling ship cantilever beam test and so on.