China Ship Knowledge: Classification And Precautions For Marine Cables

      Marine ropes can be divided into three, six, eight, and twelve shares, and eight ships are commonly used in general cargo ships. Marine ropes can be divided into: polypropylene filament, polyester multifilament, high molecular polyethylene, luminous rope, aramid rope, chemical fiber network, nylon monofilament composite rope, etc., commonly used in general cargo ships are polypropylene filaments. Or polyester multifilament cable.

       Proper use of the ship's cable in addition to the safety of the operating sailors and ship pairs ensures that the cable life can be extended. Before use, the first officer (the bow) or the second pair (passing position) carefully check the integrity of the cable, and there is excessive wear or a large number of breaks in a certain part of the cable. Replace the cable in time, and try not to replace it during use. Allow the cable to withstand too much tension to prevent sudden breaks.

       Secondly, the crew must be familiar with the type and characteristics of the cable that they will operate, and the targeted operation. For example, the man-made fiber cable will not emit sound before breaking, and there is no sign that can be seen very intuitively. It is this kind of cable, so when the cable is stressed, it is necessary to grasp the maximum tensile force of the cable to prevent sudden breakage.

       At the same time, the sailors and boat pairs with helmets must wear helmets, gloves, safety shoes and overalls. It is absolutely not allowed to wear “slippers, big shorts, and bare hands to take it.” Many boat owners and sailors of many boats do not pay attention to their own protection. In the event of an accident, the cable breaks and huge cable breaking force acts on the broken cable head. It is fast and threatens its own life.

       In addition, the water head (the bow) and the second pair (the stern) pay attention to the technique when operating the cable car. Practice has proved that cable breakage is mainly due to continuous impact load. For this reason, the personnel who are required to operate the cable car must be skilled in operation, minimize the impact load on the cable, and reduce the cable breakage for this reason.

       In summary, the correct method of using the ship's cable is to have a good crew of the ship, in a safe working environment, the use of safe cables, the use of safe mechanical equipment, the use of safe operating procedures, the ship is safely attached to the dock.