CE Certificate Lifejacket

Ship life jacket is a new life jacket designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IMO MSC207 (81) and MSC200 (80). The specification was implemented on July 1, 2010. The life jacket is suitable for adults.

The buoyancy of the ship life jacket is greater than 150N, and it is suitable for those who have a weight of 140kg and a bust of 1750mm. With a life whistle. Reflective film.

The ship life jacket is equipped with a disposable floating strap, which can be attached to a immersion suit or life jacket worn by another person in the water. It is also equipped with a rescue lifting ring, allowing the rescuer to carry the wearer out of the water to the lifeboat or Inside the life raft. Each piece should be attached with a reflective sheet to facilitate the rescue personnel to find you easily. The product is approved by CCS and GL and obtained a certificate of approval.

Matchau Life jackets with CE certificate approved are widely applied in the world wide.