C Ship Channel Steel

Asian sun unique design tile hooks with lightweight high strength aluminum alloy rail, provide a fast, easy and adjustable installation for solar system

  • System height :<20m

  • Maximum wind speed: <42m/s

  • Snow load: <1.4kN/178;

  • Measurement:41*41*920/41*41*2.0/41*41*2.5/41*62*2.0

  • Standard: suit for AS/NZS 1170 and other international standard

  • Anticorrosive: anodized aluminum and hot galvanized U-channel steel

  • Soil condition: anyway

  • Warranty: 10 years' warranty and 25 years' service lifespan 

 Solar mounting system advantage:
  • Easy installation: the innovative ES rails and U-NUT modules have greatly simplified the installation of PV modules, the system can be installed with a single Hexagon key and standard tool kit, the solar bracket system is aided by a very high level of preassembly

  • Great flexibility: no matter it&#8217;s a few solar panel residential installation, framed photovoltaic modules can be easily deployed, the RH solar system has mounting accessories designed for almost every type of installations

  • Excellent compatibility: designed as a universal racking system, framed modules from all the popular manufactures can be used

  • Excellent adaptability: angle of the rails has been designed to maximum the harvest of solar power according to your local latitude.

  • 5.Engineered to high standards: solar is made to the highest standards, safe and strong it&#8217;s designed to compliant with AS/NZS 1170 and other international machinery load standard

  • Maximum lifespan: all components are made of quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel, the high corrosion resistance guarantees the maximum possible lifespan and is also completely recyclable