Black Color 110n Inflatable Waist Bag

This is a new-style life-saving equipment. The outer of this life belt is to protect the inner chamber which connected with a mini-cylinder. This kind of inflatable life belt is leisure style. Ordinarily it seems like a waist belt fasten on the waist. If by a chance to fall into water, it can inflate to a hoese-shoe lifebuoy within 5s to save the drowning. 

Product Uses
1. Read the instructions before use
2. Be life jacket only after inflation
3. Check each part before wearing
4. Wear like a vest, and fasten the front buckle. Fasten the waist belt as tight as possible.
5. Manual inflation: Pull the toggle on the right quickly before entering the water.
6. Automatic inflation: Begin to inflate after immersing in the water for 5s. In case of the automatic device lost or out of the order, pull the manual inflation device immediately.
7. Deflation: Insert the lid backward into the tube, press the lid and let the air out.

Change Bobbin
The bobbin should be replaced immediately after used. Unscrew the transparent capsule anticlockwise and the new bobbin should be installed. Note the white side should face down. And then screw the capsule. No tools are needed in the procedure.

Change Cylinder
24g CO2 Cylinder is needed. Screw off the inflation device clockwise, and change the new one. (Note: Do not use any tool). There is a rubber ring in the connection device, if it is broken, change as well.
1. Check whether there is any leak or damage before use through oral inflation. If there is any, amend before use.
2. Check whether the cylinder is damaged or corrosion. Check the seal of the cylinder. If the seal is pierces, the needle has been triggered. It is necessary to sharpen or change the needle.
3. Unscrew the cylinder off every six months, and drop oil in the inflation device to make sure the device can work properly.
4. Check or change the bobbin every six months (up to the condition of the storage), but not more than one year.
5. Do not inflate automatically again after the oral inflation, which may damage the life jacket due to over pressure.
6. The performance of life jacket will be weakened in the environment of under 5° C.
7. Do not use as a cushion or hit, throw into the air, expose under the sun after the inflation. Keep away from oil, acid, alkali, or sharp object, etc.
8. Store in the normal temperature and keep 1 meter away from 65° C heat source.
9. While using the life jacket the first time, the weight of CO2 should be measured by the scale after 6 months service according to the nameplate. After that, measure every year. If the weight is 2g less than the standard, it is not serviceable any more.
10. Keep the record after the examination.