Automatic Resuscitator Device for Frist Aid

First Aid Kit


A.The automatic resuscitator is a kind of emergency device of positive and negative pressure resuscitator.
B.The working principle is to continuously input fresh air into the injured person lungs and exhaust the lungs air reaching the objective of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
C.Automatic resuscitator cylinder fills in medical oxygen.In aerobic conditions clean oral cavity and foreign body of respiratory tract, and doing artificial breathing.
D.Automatic resuscitator also has oxygen and suction device;It can supply oxygen and suck out respiratory secretions or foreign bodies for the wounded whose breathing function is not paralysis.

Details & Data:

A.With oxygen bomb, the work stress:200 KGF/cm
B.Volume:1 liter
C.Automatic lung ventilation adjustment range is not less than:12 ~ 25 litres per minute
D.The positive pressure pneumatic:200 ~ 250 mm water column
E.Negative pressure suction:150 ~ 200 mm water column
F.Minimum ventilation oxygen 6 litres/points:15 l/min
G.Weight is not more than:250 g
H.Spontaneous breathing gas oxygen content (80%) is not less than:15 l/min
I.Sputum suction ejector pressure value is not more than:- 450 - mm hg
J.Instrument net weight is not more than:6.5 kg
K.Instrument size:335 * 245 * 140 mm