Asia's Largest Luxury Passenger Rolling Ship, The Rich And Powerful China Officially Started Its Maiden Voyage

At 11:00 a.m. on September 28, 2020, the 30,000-ton passenger rolling berth no.17 in Dalian Bay, the luxury passenger rolling ship With the largest passenger load in Asia, "China Prosperity", left port and sailed for Weihai city, marking the official opening of a new chapter in the era of big ships in passenger rolling transportation in Bohai Bay.

On the morning of Sept. 28, the opening ceremony of the 30,000-ton passenger rolling berth of Dalian Port was held in The Dalian Bay port area.

The 30,000-ton passenger rolling berths renovation and expansion project of Dalian Port was officially approved in July 2019. The project was completed and accepted on September 18, 2020 and the port operation license was obtained. The total length of the berths is 251 meters and the designed annual passing capacity is 420,000 person-times and 200,000 train times.

Smooth navigation of dalian port 3 ton roll-on berth, marked the dalian bearing large roll-on ship ability on a new step, to fill the gaps in dalian 3 - guest roll berth, powerful helped roll to roll and goods transport on the basis of "public hot" intermodal "traffic power" pilot project construction, to build dalian northeast Asia international shipping center, logistics center, and northeast China opening up to the front, to the construction of "two zones" first, provides a strong support and guarantee.

"The Chinese rich and powerful" keel to open the door, large vehicles can be straight into straight out, traffic efficiency, total vehicle cabin is equipped with three layer, load the lane line 2600 meters, check and ratify the cars, 233, weight 8900 tons, is a modern, green environmental protection, comprehensive energy-saving luxurious passenger ship roll, roll capacity in Asia is the largest passenger ship, is the domestic first ship marks (EPC2) CCS epidemic prevention.

The successful maiden voyage of the "Prosperity and Strength of China" means that the era of big ships has begun for passenger roller transport in Bohai Bay.Next, the "China Renaissance" ship will also be put into operation next month. During the 14th five-year Plan period, there will be 2-4 large-scale transport capacity put into operation, which will bring a leapfrog reform to the cross-Straits transport capacity renewal of Liaoning and Shandong provinces.