Approved Liferaft Servicing Stations By Matchau

Approved Liferaft Servicing Stations

SOLAS Regulation III/20.8 requires that every inflatable liferaft shall be serviced: 

At intervals not exceeding 12 months, provided where in any case this is impracticable, the Administration may extend this period to 17 monthsand

At an approved servicing station which is competent to service them, maintains proper servicing facilities and used only properly trained personnel. Please refer to the Recommendation on Conditions for the Approval of Servicing Stations for Inflatable Liferafts adopted by the International Maritime Organisation by resolution A.761(18), as amended by resolution MSC.55(66)


On 30th. June,Ram.(Short name of client)and Jew. were on behalf of personnel in their ship to take part in the training of servicing station that hold and authorized by Matchau Manufacture..

During the process of training,Ram.and Jew. Learned very carefully,focusing on every part and details of inspection procedure of life raft (SOLAS approved)according to the operation manual,they also stated many typical questions that you may also being in adult.

-Where to purchase those tools that maybe used up one day?

Re:you’d better purchase the tools from where you bought the life raft Company,Cause different manufactures also have their own production and testing standard.

-If the valve get broken,how to mend it?

Re:Based on the question,our technician presented the mending process step by step perfectly,there are many further details you may ignored unconsciously during  mending period.

-How to get the same rubber material with the rubber hull of life raft?

Re:Not jsut the spare rubber pieces but also other parts are always being strictly put into the tooling package,that is a serious inspection process carried by the international society classification.







MATCHAU would like to kindly offer the tips for you,Matchau’s Holy mission is to ensure the security for each passenger on the ship or boat.MATCHAU team are here preparing to offer you the best solution to any safety question.