Anchor Chain Labeling Method

In order to quickly and accurately grasp the length of the anchor chain that is loosened or twisted when anchoring, the anchor must be clearly marked on each link.

1. The method of marking the anchor chain is as follows: wire the wires on the first rung of the chain before and after the link (or shackle) between the first and second sections, and apply white wire. Lacquer, the link chain is painted red to indicate section 1;

2. Wire the wire and paint it on the second rung of the chain link before and after the connection chain between the second and third sections (or shackles), and the connection chain is still coated with Red paint to indicate section 2;

3, and so on between section 5 and section 6;

4. Repeat the marking from Section 6 in the same way as in Section 1. The last 1 to 2 sections can be marked with red or yellow paint and other eye-catching markings, as the anchor chain will throw all danger warnings;

5. Apply white paint on the chain link of the anchor end as a mark to understand that the anchor is about to release water and the anchor will enter the anchor cylinder when starting the anchor, so as to slow down the anchoring speed and avoid damaging the hull or anchor cylinder.