A Type Lauching Appliance Device for Fast Rescue Boat Lifting

Launching Appliance For Fast Rescue Boat

The davit conforms to the relative requirements of MSC. 47(66) 1974 SOLAS Amendments, MSC. 48(66) LSA Code, IMO Resolution A689(17).

Technical data
Max. Working load: 30 KN
Hoisting load: 30KN
Lowering load: 30KN
Max. Hoisting height: 25 m
Lowering Speed: 40~60 m/min
Relative humidity: Above 85%
Winch data:
Wire length included: 40meters
Corrosion protection wire: Galvanized and anti-rotating
Inner wire end: Secured to drum
Outer wire end: Shackle and safety wire clamp
Winch motor:
Type: 160L-6-H
Power supply: 440V/60Hz/18.5kw
Protection grade: IP56
Insulation grade: F
Space heater to be provided with transformer

Safety System:
The davit is fitted with the following safety systems:

The control levers are spring-centred. In order to operate the davit
Relevant control, Lever has to be pushed in the required direction to
Cause the desired motion. Once the lever is released it will return
Back to centre position, and the activated motion will cease immediately

Hook Safety: Set Limit Switch under 400mm to the head of jib to
Prevent from damage the head block;