7MM 12-strand solid braided PP rope for ship

Polypropylene rope is very popular choice among consumers due to its low cost and ability to resist the elements. Our twisted polypropylene rope is much stronger than manila rope but not as strong as other synthetics, like nylon. Polypropylene is can be stored wet and will not rot or mildew. Another advantage of polypropylene is that it will float in water, either fresh or salt water. Twisted polypropylene is often a choice of utility contractor's use this rope for pulling wires through conduit lines. This is a pliable rope and can be easily spliced together.

Features & benefits

* Easy to tie. It hold knots very well. Ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

* Good abrasion resistance: polypropylene lasts 1-2 times longer than natural fiber ropes because it has good abrasion resistance & is not damaged by oil or most chemical.