35kg PVC Gangway Load Test Water Weight Bags

Lifeboat proof laod test weight bags mainly used for test lifeboat safety work load, through remote control, the inspector no need enter lifeboat, ensure the staff safe.
Lifeboat proof laod test weight bags  made by high strength PVC, high frequency weld, ant-corrosion, easy to clean. 
weight bags also can be used for testing safety work load on gangway, ladder, deck, platform. Replace sand bag and other appliance. Water bag can be used repeat, easy operation, and have water load and discharge appliance. The water can be sea water and fresh water. It can save plenty cost and man power.
All our weight bags design and produce according to ISO9001:2008 requirements. Meet LEEA 051 standard. Each water bag have a safety valve, it used to discharge air when loading water. Every water bag have rope grip, can be fixed on boat or gangway.