16 Person Marine Life Raft with Solas

Product Description

16 person marine life raft with SOLAS

1. Features Specifications: Throw-overboard Type Inflatable Life Raft

2. Throw-overboard Type Inflatable Life-raft Type A

4. Application: It is suitable for installing on international voyages.

5. Product Standard: It meets the requirements of SOLAS (96) Amendment and IMO MSC (81) 70.

6. Equipment Outfit: A pack and B pack (International short route).

7. Product Certificate: GL certificate, EC certificate.

8. Inflation method: After dropping from ship, the life-raft can be inflated and opened automatically. If the ship sinks very fast and the life-raft can not be dropped out, the raft still can float up from water under the action of Hydrostatic Release Unit and can be inflated and opened automatically.

9. Storage Height: The installation height is 18-36m from water surface.

10. Gas Composition: The mixed gas made from CO2 and N2 is used for inflation.
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