10t Water Bag for Load Testing

Crane Load Testing Water Bags /  PVC Water Bag

Crane Load Testing Water Bags is designed for the proof load testing for the lifting equipments and structures, such as cranes, hoist, beams, davits, and so on. This crane load testing water bags provide one kind innovative load testing solution.

Crane Load Testing Water Bags meet the need for the simple proof load testing method instead of traditional solid test weight mothod of use load weight.

Crane load testing water bags for the proof load testing of crane, hoist, derrick, chain block, winch and davit test weight

Load Test Water Bag introduction:
- New type of Multi-Purpose Load test products
-Light weight, Small volume, convenient transportation.
-Security and environmental protection, energy-saving and cost-reducing
- Lateral drain, reduce bottom pressure. Make it more safe, more convenient when filling

Load Test Water Bag Feature:
- Special fabric bag body, can be folded during transport.
- Fabric quality is light, strength, easy to carry, and reduce transportation cost.
- High strength fiber sling crossed the waterbag body, Make the water bag more safety.
- Safety, environmental protection, non-toxic materials.
- Low temperature resistance, resistance to water, oil resistance, good alkali resistance
- Suitable for ambient temperature, adapt to the cold and hot area.
- The biggest advantage of Water Bag is pressure testing
- Can be used for the crane hoisting test, The deck strength test, Drilling ship cantilever beam test etc.
-OEM Acceptable, we can make water bag according to customer's requirements

Load Test Water Bags Specification:
Test Load capacity: 1T-50T
Full Load: 1000kg-50000kg
Volum: 1m3-50m3
Max DIameter: 1.2m-5.1m
Weight: 19kg-120kg
Package Dimession: 0.7-1.8m3

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